"Hold still, its vision is based on movement." 

Promise this is the last progress shot before it’s all over

Twirl twirl 

I made a little “Flower Power” zine, featuring some of my most recent florally illustrations for the ICON8 Roadshow in Portland, where I’ll be sharing a table with the incomparable junyiwu. Hope to see lots of familiar faces and excited to make new friends!

"Bat Bing Soo"for Giant Robot 2’s Uglycon: Icebat Turns 10! (click on link for info) The event will be from 12-8 PM, stop by to see all kinds of amazing Uglydoll art, custom plushes and figures and partake in games and all sorts of fun activities. 

A very little observational painting of a friend who fiercely modeled for a sketch night! 

Portrait of a firefighter I met in Onishi, Japan. He only spoke Japanese and was studying Italian, so we totally had a connection. (I also not very secretly want to be him.. UGH)

A peony cluster